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    Jameson Brown is right: Social media customer service is a game changer.  Brown took time to write a personal blog post about an experience on Facebook with a company – and he’s not the only one who has voiced an opinion in this way.

    After waiting a bit too long on an important Christmas present, he cried out to’s Facebook page to locate the shoes that recently disappeared from the site.  Surprisingly, and after several back-and-forth messages, the team managed to find the shoes at a third-party site – a place where Zappos wouldn’t even make a sale.

    Brown ended up purchasing a similar pair at Zappos, where he was given further assistance to make sure that the right gift would arrive on time.

    He isn’t alone in reaching out via social media.  Of the 95 percent of customers that share bad experiences with others, research shows that 45 percent take to Facebook, Twitter, and other big-name platforms.  Sadly, around the same number (46 percent in the U.S.) of B2C companies track and follow up on brand mentions on social media in a separate study.

    Lacking a social media plan to customer service can have disastrous consequences.  Customers will take their complaints, comments, and cries for help to Facebook – in full view of others.

    The right approach to social media customer service, to borrow a term from Jameson Brown, can have a profound impact on not only service, but brand identity and marketing power.  When they know that your brand is listening, responsive, and eager to help, you have already achieved a great deal.