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    Around 60 percent of websites do not use any sort of analytics solution to track statistics.  Sayf Sharif reports that the number is even higher for nonprofits.

    An analytics solution like Google Analytics is not tantamount to numbers and statistics that lack overall relevance.  It can guide your SEO and social media strategies, help you determine your engagement with your target audience, and much more.  Analytics can help the blogger looking for some exposure or the big business needing some insight into all things digital – and anything in between.

    Basics of Google Analytics

    More than 10 million sites use Google Analytics, which is easily the leader in analytics solutions.

    The free tool thankfully does not have a steep learning curve.  In fact, after reading a simple beginner’s guide, you can develop an impressive working knowledge of the tool and analytics in general.  Distilled has plenty of other Google Analytics Resources for Beginners to Advanced Users that are worth a look.

    This isn’t just for marketing professionals.  Google Analytics can help you determine how many hits your site is getting, where these viewers are located and how they got there – and items that will impact any sort of bottom line.  We will explore a couple examples that can save you some time and money.

    By the way, you can explore other free/paid analytics solutions as well.  Personally, I am using the free version of Clicky for this site – it offers an impressive set of features with a gorgeous user interface.  Feel free to look around according to your needs.

    Analytics to the Rescue

    Bloggers and businesses find themselves asking the same questions: How can I/we improve traffic, engagement, interactivity, and business for my/our website?

    A wide number of online marketing areas can lean on analytics for help:

    • SEO: Statistics can determine which posts and keywords are performing well, in addition to the growth for visitors that arrive via organic search.
    • Social Media: Track custom campaigns on social media to see what techniques are working the best.
    • Web Design: Limited engagement and high bounce rates can reveal bad web navigation, overwhelming graphics, and other issues in your web design.
    • Other: Are your email campaigns generating real traffic?  Is that free ebook offer enticing anyone to sign up for the email list?  How about your Hello Bar – is it grabbing anyone’s attention?

    You can track just about anything.  By tracking conversion rates with Google Analytics, you can determine the success of a sale or any type of campaign.  As you are developing contests to grow your email list, you will see how effective this technique measures up with others.

    A Shot in the Dark

    Without the figures that drive changes to your website, content marketing strategy, SEO, and more, your efforts are little more than educated guesses.  You may be taking a shot in the dark with a great ebook offer or social media campaign.

    Instead, an analytics solution can help you measure conversion rates and engagement with your audience across the web.  You can get the answers you need to make adjustments on the go, which can result in a site that is more successful – in whatever way you define success for your site.

    Dive into the world of analytics.  It isn’t as daunting as it may sound.

  • Dirk Argyle

    I use GA everyday. I can’t live without this important tool.