Welcome Package


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(Look at the description/individual images to understand folds/context.)


  • Aurora University

This is a welcome packet for newly accepted students. It has the official welcome letter in a built-in folder within the packet. Here's a quick guide to the copy I wrote for the folding document.

  1. The package starts with the top ("Get Ready") and bottom ("To Become A" (bottom) messages. The bottom contains a list of career titles that matches the degree programs for the university, as well as a blank space for the student's dream job.
  2. The recipient opens the bottom tab downward. The top ("Get Ready") is still visible and there's a new middle ("To Tell") and bottom ("Everyone").
  3. The middle opens to create a new message ("You're Accepted"). Basic information is available on either side to introduce the student to the university (left) and next steps to get started (right).

I really enjoyed getting to work with a talented graphic designer to create an exciting way to break the news to students that they're accepted. She originally saw the folding document used in another marketing context. I wrote down how it folded to see what I had to work with, and then started brainstorming messages that would flow through the document. The "get ready" phrase came after some time and helped focus the entire document. It allowed me to showcase the university's degrees (by calling out career outcomes) and segue into the primary inspirational message ("Get ready to tell everyone you're accepted.") There's also space for basic information about the school and next steps, along with a message to share the news on social media.